KIRK DECT – Cordless Handsets

Polycom – KIRK DECT: A range of wireless solutions to meet your needs

All Polycom KIRK DECT wireless solutions are modular, add-on voice communication solutions. They are GAP compliant systems, based on the Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications (DECT) technology, and are compatible with most existing traditional and VoIP telephony platforms.

With a range of interfaces to telephony platforms including analogue, ISDN and IP (both SIP and Cisco skinny), system sizes ranging from 2 to over 4,000 users and handsets for virtually every application, there is a KIRK DECT solution that meets your specific needs.

Designed specifically to carry wireless voice, DECT is currently the technology most capable of meeting the very high expectations of users who are serious about their onsite communications.

DECT Benefits:Kirk Dect Handsets

  • Consistently high level of voice quality
  • Multi-cellular structure with seamless handover
  • Dedicated radio frequencies
  • Standardisation
  • Security