UNIVERGE® VM8000 InMail with Email

VM8000 InMail with Email notification* provides an entry level Unified Messaging solution for organisations looking to start experiencing the benefits of Unified Communications. With Email notification, the system automatically sends an Email to an employee’s inbox when a new voicemail message is received.

NEC SP310 Softphone
Your borders become less apparent when you equip remote employees with an NEC SP310 Softphone. The NEC SP310 Softphone is a software application that delivers telephone service from your SV8100 telephone server to a users computer. They get their own extension, voice mail box, and access to the features employees inside the brick and mortar building enjoy.
UNIVERGE UM8000 Mail Solution

UNIVERGE UM8000 Mail Solution

With feature-rich Unified Messaging, all voice, fax and e-mail messages are directed into one inbox. This enables users to keep track of all their messages more easily. Employees can easily prioritize their messages and streamline their workloads. With Unified Messaging users can, set up their mailboxes to meet their personal needs, play and record messages using their multimedia PCs.  Send and receive secure faxes. Inbound and outbound documents are password-protected and stored electronically until previewed and printed from a networked PC.

SV8100 ACD

In today’s small to medium-sized business (SMB) environment, resources are often stretched thin. SMBs must take advantage of the latest communication technologies to streamline their businesses, enhance staff productivity and improve customer service. Benefits include Advanced call handling, Enhanced efficiency, Intelligent customer service, Valuable information at your fingertips, Real-Time Desktop Interface Display, Reporting.

UNIVERGE SV8100 UC Desktop Suite

Desktop Suite offer advanced UC applications such as presence, desktop client, softphone, video conferencing, quick messaging, white boarding and application sharing that enable your workers to collaborate and provide customers the attention they deserve in todays’ increasingly mobile world.

UNIVERGE VM8000 Mail Solution
VM8000 InMail is ideal for SMBs wishing to ensure that all callers get to the people and information that they need without prohibitive hold times or dropped calls. It provides digitally-integrated voice messaging capabilities and Automated Attendant features to meet an SMB’s communication needs both now and in the future.