ZEACOM and NEC– Unified Communications for Business (UCB) 

»Zeacom & NEC (UCB) OverviewZeacom & NEC (UCB) Overview

Zeacom More will get done in less time if you can bring all communication channels into one place with Zeacom solutions. Productivity gets a further boost if you can give everyone a single view of what’s going on. Zeacom has solutions to help your people collaborate more efficiently, work remotely and make every minute count. To ensure you get functionality that’s a perfect match for your organization, we look at your whole business and design a solution that meets your specific needs. Zeacoms’ modular approach lets you expand your solution as your organization grows.

Unified Communications

Modules include:
  • Console – UCB’s operator Console is a highly functional call management software application.
  • Executive Desktop – Allows users at all levels to manage their phone calls, voice and fax messages from their PC.
  • Executive Insight – Provides management of phone calls, voice and fax messages alongside emails from within Microsoft Outlook.
  • Unified Messaging (UM) for Exchange – Lets users access and manage both voice and fax messages from within Microsoft Outlook alongside their email.
  • Executive Conference – Provides audio-conferencing for up to 64 internal and external parties via your UCB application.
  • Executive Mobile – This application is now available on the Apple iPhone 3,4 and Android models as a free downloadable application from the online stores, but can only be activated with a UCB Executive Mobile license.
  • Fax Messaging – Provides management of fax traffic from within Console, Desktop or Insight via Unified Messaging.


Contact Centre

Modules include:
  • CT Control – Deliver calls with intelligent, flexible skills-based routing.
  • Agent Desktop – Agent Desktop lets managers view real-time information on queue and agent performance
  • Custom Announce – Custom Announce is a sophisticated announcement module that can reduce abandonment rates in contact centre environments.
  • Callback – Gives callers a choice – offering them the option of an automated Callback,
  • IVR – A total solution that integrates an organisation’s telephone system, computer infrastructure, databases and business applications.
  • Email Queuing – Queued emails display in Agent Desktop exactly the same way that other media displays, showing originator, contact details, time spent waiting in the queue, etc.
  • Fax Queuing – You can now queue, deliver and respond on fax communications quickly and efficiently.
  • Web Queuing – Now includes both Web Chat and Web Callback.Zeacom Site

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